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Why Berlin? That’s almost always the first question, and the answer is always the same and quite naive: adventure. Putting myself to the test, leaving the security of a good career as a freelancer in Holland behind me and trying something new in a city I love.

Because it gives me the possibilities to do whatever I want and burn my almost limitless energy. The biggest hobby probably is -what a surprise- technology. But privately I like to combine it with some of my biggest passions. Sports is definitely one of them, I still jog a lot and used to play football for a long time. Since a couple of years I am also a season ticket holder at Union Berlin and together with other fans we run an English-languaged blog since 2013.

Music is another hobby. It is very likely you find me at concerts and festivals such as Lowlands and Melt. Not to mention clubs in the (in)famous Berlin techno scene. For a long period (2009-2015) we also ran the Lowlove festival site.

Berlin is where I live and work since 2012 (and keep my little digital notebook with inside information).
So yes, me is pretty busy with all these sites. But the oldest has of course been this one, which probably has been online since somewhere around 2001 when I coded my first blog manually with html. If you want to contact me, use one of the possibilities all the way below. And if you’re bored…. you can always invite me for a cup of coffee somewhere!

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