Digital transformation is not some vague, distant phenomenon for Bas Timmers (Oss, Netherlands, 1972). When he was head of online at de Volkskrant, one of the largest quality newspapers in Holland, he was responsible for devising and implementing a digital strategy. From up close he watched the collapse of the newspaper industry around 2008 after the global economic crisis, and knew: we need to act now.

That’s why there has been a relentless focus on digital in the past decade of his career. From being an internet editor to building websites and apps at de Volkskrant, to being project manager at TLGG, the first social media agency of Germany, where he worked for big clients such as Netflix and Swisscom.

Since 2015 he has been using this wide-ranging and vast experience for his biggest passion: innovation. As managing director of Neue Signale, his own agency, he is helping companies into the digital era and find a new future and new company culture.

His current work focuses on five areas:

Bas studied business economics and journalism at academies in the Netherlands and International Management at Maastricht University. Since 2012 he lives and works in Berlin.

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