My own bureau for digital innovation!

‘Boring’ is not a word that falls into my mind when I think about the past 3,5 years in Berlin. But we can always notch up the level of the organized chaos called my life: so on January 1st I co-founded our own bureau for digital innovation.

The idea basically is to become a consultancy extension of Neue Werte, the web agency of the other two co-founders. That firm has been building sites and apps for several years now.

With Neue Signale (New Signals, though I prefer the translation ‘Interference’) we intend to provide consultancy services for mid-sized firms. We will also provide a free digital bi-weekly digital magazine and custom-made trend reports, to bring entrepreneurs of every size up-to-date on the latest developments in digital innovation. And yes, if you want a tailor-made magazine for your firm, just give me a call 🙂

To say that it is an ‘exciting’ project would be a slight understatement. I have been a freelancer in the area of digital and/or editorial innovation already in Holland between 2010 and 2012, so I am not new to having my own business. But this is in a foreign country, and it is a proper company (a Ltd. company, so we have company shares).

When I moved to Germany on September 2nd 2012 I considered it too risky to become a freelancer again. But after all this time here I am confident my network has grown enough to give it a try. Besides, after working three years as a project manager at internet agencies I got the feeling I wanted to do more than ‘just’ organizing.

Digital innovation has always been one of my biggest fascinations. In the past ten years my career choices have deliberately been ‘digital only’. A jump into the future. Now I have the chance to devote all my time to innovation, and share my experience and knowledge with others.

So yes, it will be an exciting ride, though I have no idea which route we will take and in which place we end up. For some people such uncertainty and risk is a nightmare. I cherish every second of it. We will see eachother somewhere along the way!